Hello! I am an artist born and raised in Long Island, New York. I am currently studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology and majoring in Illustration.

I enjoy creating art and expressing myself through different art mediums. Every piece of art I create reflects a new perspective I have gained from the world around me. My goal is to forge a connection with every person that views my art. My aspiration is to let those viewers experience the world from a fresh and exciting perspective. I create my art by considering ideas that are unexpected and unique and, once I connect with an idea, I begin to illustrate it realistically with vibrant colors that jump off the canvas.

One of my key inspirations for executing my artwork with a realistic approach is Norman Rockwell. Rockwell’s illustrations are colorful, realistic, and tell a story. My favorite media are traditional acrylic paint and digital painting. These media let me express my ideas with colors that are more vibrant than those found in reality. By leaping beyond the bounds of reality, I tempt those viewing my artwork to experience the world in a fresh, new way. Like Norman Rockwell, I love creating a story through art that draws people in and engages their curiosity. I want my art to encourage people going through their everyday lives to explore the bounds of their imagination.

My hope is that viewers of my art manage to hold onto their new perspectives and become more creative thinkers.